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As a whole, we are very fortunate that nearly all of our family roots can be traced back to the 1700s, wwith one exception, the Viscovic family, which we are able to trace back to 1610. This is an amazing accomplishment because of records lost over the many years due to war and pillaging of the region. My goal is to instill a sense of pride in the history and accomplishments of our ancestors and I hope that this web site and all its information will be cherished by all.

Click on a family name and the file will open as a .pdf file. Number of pages will be in parentheses.

Jerkovic, Luka (11)  
Curin, Ivana "Ivan" (10) Curin, Josipa (3) Dragicevic, Paulo (8)
Dulcic, Visko (1) Fistonic, Ante "Bole" (1) Fistonic, Nikola (2)
Fistonich, Nikola (1) Rudan, Luka (2) Marijan, Juraj "Mate" (8)
Popovic, Matu (5) Zaninovic, Ante - 1804 (4) Zaninovic, Ante - 1850 (2)
Viskovic, Vicko "Vela" (2) Viskovic, Vicko "Vela" (2) Zupanovic, Stjepan (1)