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Mike, Jane, Tony and Lucille Jerkovich
Mike, Jane, Tony and Lucille Jerkovich


Biola Elementary 8th Grade Class taken at Roding Park. Tony - fifth from left - about 1928
Biola 8th Grade Basketball Team. Tony - 2nd from right - about 1928
Bottom row:  Nikola (Nick) and Nancy Dulcich, Mike, Bob, and Tony Jerkovich
Back row:  Vince Dulcich, Lou Dulcich holding daughter Judy, Jane, Mary, and Mike Jerkovich
Picture taken at Tony and Marys place on Vinland Avenue, Kerman, California, about April, 1947.


Tony and Lucille Jerkovich. Picture taken at Biola Place. March 16, 1924 
Tony and Mary Jerkovich Wedding Photograph
July 3, 1932 - Mountain View, California
Friendship with the Barasich family and others.
June 22, 1952
.  Undisclosed location.
Thanksgiving celebration Nov. 25, 1953
This was a typical holiday scene at the Jerkovich household. Lots of relatives, food, wine, laughter,
and good times.
4 Generations Jerkovich Family
Four Generations. David, Bob, Nona (Teta Yakica) and Dad (Tony) Jerkovich. Kerman, California - Aug, 1962
Peter Churin (Mary Jerkovich's father)
Photograph taken at George Studio
(the frame indicates so) in Fresno, California,
in 1910 or 1911. Why it was taken there is not known. There was no known Churin family in the
Fresno area at the time. The George Studio was a favorite studio for Tony to have family photographs taken there. 
Just another unsolved puzzle
About Churin Family
Vica Churin, husband Peter Churin, Stjepan Curin and daughter Mary, later to become a Popovich.  Stjepan went back to Dugi Dolac, Gdinj, Dalmatia, Austria, leaving Mary with a cousin. 
Picture taken about 1911 at the Churin house.
in Mountain View, California
Bellingham Washington

Taken at Jerkovich Vegetable Garden, Bellingham, WA, on July 21, 1918
From left to right:Louie Zaninovich, Anton Zaninovich holding Tony, Lucille in front of Teta Vecica, John Mike and George Jerkovich

Great Grandmother  Lucija (Marijan) Jerkovich
Great Grandmother Lucija (Marijan) Jerkovich,
wife of Ante Jerkovich, and mother of Mike and John, and Jakov, Vica, Marija, Nikola, and Kate. 
Photograph is undated. Taken in Zastrazisce, Otok Hvar, Dalmatia, Austria
Taken at Jerkovich Vegetable Garden,
Bellingham, WA, probably July 1918
From left to right: Mrs Radovani holding Tony Zaninovich, Teta Vecica with Lucille, Anton and Louie Zaninovich, and Mike, George, and John Jerkovich
Handcrafted Church

Handcrafted church made by Mike Jerkovich for his wife Jane. 

She prayed in front of the church daily and treasured it dearly.  Nanci Sellers now has it

Jakov Jerkovic, POW
Jakov Jerkovic, Father of Frank Jerkovich. 
Jakov was in the Austrian Army in World War I.  He became a prisoner of war and eventually became a cook for high ranking German officers.  His favorite dish was Lasagna.
George Viscovich and Tom the mule
Tom the Mule with George Viscovich on him. 
Tom was the tractor, before the family could afford to buy one. He was a treasured piece of equipment.  Photograph taken in 1933 at the Biola place.
 Souvenir from Croatia

A souvenir brought back by Nanci Sellers
when she made one of her journeys to Croatia. The building is a typical storage shed used for many things. 
Barba Marin Dulcic hand-made it by taking stones from the site of the original building.  

First Jerkovic Home
The first Jerkovich home in the United States. 
712 Elk Street, Bellingham, WA. 
The home was bought by John Jerkovich in 1920.  Photograph taken about 1921.
Cherry Picking
Matt Jerkovich on top of ladder picking cherries at cherry orchard, Biola Place, May 31, 1959. 
Lucille Dulcich was at the cherry stand in Fresno at Ashland and Blackstone selling cherries - an annual occurrence.  

Vincent & Lucille Dulcich

Lucille and Vince Dulcich, San Pedro, CA

Uncle John & Aunt Martha Wedding
Wedding Photograph of Martha Jaschiniak and John Jerkovich, Bellingham, WA, Jan 24, 1921
40th Wedding Uncle John & Aunt Martha
Martha and John Jerkovich, celebrating 40 years of marriage, Jan 24, 1961, San Pedro, CA
Uncle John packing for Yugoslovia
Uncle John Jerkovich packing clothing to send to Yugoslavia in 1949.  This was a regular occurrence in both Jerkovich households, sending clothing to relatives in Yugoslavia and Australia. 
A relative in Australia has stated that if it were not for the clothing and other things that were sent to them, they would not have made it.  Their father lost a leg in an accident and could not work. 
I should mention though that the Jerkovich households were not the only ones that sent clothing and other useful items to relatives in Yugoslavia; it was a wide-spread occurrence.  There was that burning desire to help their families because they knew they did not have much to live on and anything to make their lives more comfortable would be fulfilling.
The John Jerkovich family, John, Martha, Barbara, Dorothy, and Marian, taken at their home at 1333 Meyler St, San Pedro, CA
Dulcich, Churin, Maeljan, Jerkovich families
Dulcich, Churin, Mateljan, and Jerkovich families.  Photograph taken on front lawn of MIke and Jane Jerkovich's place on Shields Avenue, Kerman, California.  Photograph taken Aug 22, 1948
Jerkovich, Popovich, Zaninovich families
Jerkovich, Popovich, Zaninovich families.  Photograph taken at Tony and Mary Jerkovich's place on Vinland Avenue, Kerman, California
Matt Jerkovich
Matt Jerkovich arriving in San Pedro on Jul 15, 1955.  Matt completed his long journey from the Island of Hvar to Italy, to Germany, to New York and then to California.
Boyhood home of Vince Dulcich
Boyhood home of Vince Dulcich, Rudina, Croatia, taken by daughter Judi Dulcich Kralevich in 1980
Mike, Bob, and Nancy at old place on Vineland, updated
Mike, Bob and Nancy at old placeon Vineland Ave.
Early Dulcich family,
Early Dulcich Family
Dida and Mike, about 1938
Dida and Mike, about 1938
Dad and old Tom, Biola Place, August 1938
Dad and old Tom, Biola Place, August 1938
Front of house
Front of house
Plaque showing date of 1910 when home was completed
Plaque showing date of 1910 when house was completed
Side view of Baba Vica's home - third floor
Side view of Baba Vica's house
Bob playing the accordion 1953
Bob playing the accordion 1953
Bobat Vineland home about 1943
Bob at Vineland home about 1943
Aunt Lou Kerman HS March 25, 1939
Aunt Lou Kerman HS March 25, 1939
Aunt Lou rolling raisins September 1952
Aunt Lou rolling raisins September, 1952
Nona's childhood home in Donje Polje

Nona's childhood home in Donje Polje. This was her younger years home. Picture taken by Robert Jerkovich May. 2015


Nona's childhood home in Donje Polje

Nona's childhood home in Donje Polje. Picture taken by Robert Jerkovich, May 2015

Jerkovic Family Plot, Zastrazisce
Jerkovic Family Plot, Zastrazisce