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THE FACE OF CHANGE - The Jerkovich Saga - Story and genealogy of the Jerkovic(h) family and their migration from Saudi Arabia possibly as far back as 25,000 years ago.  Their struggles and determination to achieve family stability in tumultuous times.

PILOTING THE RIVERS OF MIDDLE AMERICA - The story and genealogy of the William Wood and more specifically the Elisha Woods family that made American history by becoming one of only four families to achieve the rank of "Pilot" on the Mississippi River.

TRAVELS OF A FARM BOY - The autobiography of Robert Jerkovich, an average American, born at the start of World War II, and seeing more changes in his life than at any time in the history of mankind.

TRIBUTE TO A FIGHTER - The life story of David Jerkovich and the struggles he overcame from an early age to become a wonderful, carrying individual before God decided to called him to be with his grandfather.

I'M DOING IT FOR THE GUYS UPSTAIRS - .A short story about Civil War reenactors from the 1990s who sacrifice and give their time to help recreate Civil War reenactments for people of all ages.

All Future Projects to be accomplished by Robert Jerkovich